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Ueno Zoo & Ikebukuro

On February the 5th we went to the Ueno Park again to visit the Ueno Zoo. Its area was much larger as we expected, so it took us until the early afternoon to finish the tour. We saw many animals like elephants, polar bears, seals, aye-ayes (creeeepy), Japanese and tropical birds aaaand of course the famous PANDAS!

 Sadly our current internet connection doesn’t seem to like pandas, so have a seal instead:



Our panda pics refuse to upload right now , but we try to post them as soon as possible!

Afterwards we tried to find our way through Ikebukuro (which wasn´t that easy) to the Zoshigaya Kishimojindo Temple . This is the first temple we visited, where it wasn´t forbidden to make photos of the inner sanctum. The inner sanctum of a temple or shrine is usually very fascinating and beautiful. As we didn´t want to offend the people praying there, we didn´t take any photos of a sanctum until now, so we are glad to be able to show you this:


Zoshigaya Kishimojindo Temple sanctum

In the late afternoon we went to Sunshine City, a well known, giant shopping center, that extends over several floors. However, shopping is not the only thing you can do there: in the building there are also an aquarium, two amusement parks and a planetarium. We visited Namco Namja Town, one of the amusement parks. Altough it seems to be made for little children, you can find all kind of people there. Sadly most of the attractions are in Japanese. Nevertheless we went into the Grudge Inn, sort of a haunted house (it didn´t require that much Japanese skills). It was very funny and a bit scary too!
To finish the day, we went through the Gyoza Mile to get us some delicious tasting Gyoza.


Namco Namja Town Gyoza Mile


  1. Angi

    She doesn’t seem so happy that you took a picture of her XD
    mhm~ Gyoza
    *_* she got a Totoro bag. So cute~

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