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Shibuya and Shinjuku

We started the 4th February off by visiting Shibuya Station to see the statue of Hachikō and to have breakfast. Those few of you who do not know about the famous japanese Akita should really look him up at Wikipedia


Hachikō statue

This time, we tried a more western style breakfast which included a hard boiled egg, a very thick piece of toast with ham, cheese and mayonnaise, salad and coffee. It was quite cheap, especially because it contained coffee, which is quite expensive in Japan.

After that, we headed back to the station and went to Harajuku Station to visit Yoyogi Park and the Meiji-Shrine within. Unfortunately, it started to rain as we left the station. Nonethless the park and shrine were really impressive and we were able to get another entry for our temple book.

yoyogi gate

Yoyogi park entrance gate

sake barrels

sake barrels at Yoyogi park

meiji shrine

meiji shrine

We left the park and headed right for the Japanese Sword Museum. The museum was a bit smaller than I had imagined and was spread over two floors. The first floor explained the process of creating a japanese sword, while the second one contained the exhibition of blades and sword parts form the 14th to the 20th century. Sadly, photographs were strictly prohibitted at the second floor, but the exhibition was really impressive.

not quite as easy as it looks ;)

how to create a katana

After the museum we went straight to Shinjuku. We went to an amazing udon shop, which Mike explained an entry earlier (“Japanese Food”). Then we headed right into the streets and shops of Shinjuku. The weather had changed from rain to heavy snow so we did not manage to get any good pictures neither from our trip through that part of Tokyo, nor from our visit to the observatory at the 45th floor of the Metropolitan Government Building.

The snow didn’t stop until we arrived back at Ueno Station, so at least we got some decent pictures there.


In front of Ueno Station


  1. Angi

    the story of Hachikō is so sad. I cried while watching the movie :(

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