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Yesterday we visited several shrines/temples, which fortunately were all located near the Hana Hostel. We started with the Kushida Shrine. Before its maingate is the biggest Otafuku Mask in Japan. Otafuku literally means “much good fortune” and the mask is a luck symbol for a long life.


Otafuku mask

Next was the  Tocho-Ji temple, where we lit candles and incense sticks in front of the biggest wooden buddha statue in Japan. The statue was very impressive and beautiful, sadly it was forbidden to take any photos.
Another temple we visited was the Shofuku-Ji Zen Temple, which is the oldest zen temple in original condition (many burnt down during the centuries and were rebuilt later). It was built 1195 by Zen Master Yosai who, according to the information on the temple site, brought tea to Japan.


Shofukuji Zen Temple

Afterwards we went to the Fukuoka Castle ruins. Well, there wasn´t  that much to see, as only the parts made of stone remained until nowadays. However the effort was worth it, because in the park of the castle there were lots of trees already blooming slightly.


blooming trees

The highlight of the day was still to come. At the evening we went to Nishimura Sushi, a small local restaurant specialized in preparing sushi. The employees were extremely friendly, spoke even a little bit english and the atmosphere was just great. We were asked how much we would like to spend and then the sushi master prepared our meal accordingly. Although it was the most expensive thing we ordered yet in Japan, it was absolutely worth it. To put it simply: it was by far the best sushi we ever ate.


sushi plate for three persons

As if that weren´t enough, we got an extra plate with fried fish and desert as special service. We had a little chat with the master afterwards, although we needed some help with the translation. All in all it was a great day!


  1. maylee

    The Shofukuji Zen Temple must have been very impressive – it´s so beautiful . I would have liked to come with you !

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