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And suddenly… Pandas!

Today we arrived in Fukuoka, despite all the chaos we encountered today. First of all we had to wait about 1 hour to get seats for the three of us on a train to Chitose Airport in Sapporo (the 4 trains that were sceduled before were all fully booked). When we finally arrived we noticed that hell had broken loose. Due to weather conditions 18 of the 20 flights sceduled before and after our flight were delayed or canceled, which resulted in a 70m long and about 8m wide line in front of the check in counters. Somehow we still managed to get our plane before take off, so right now we are in Fukuoka where it’s about 20 degrees warmer than in Sapporo.

Also Hana Hostel has a way better Internet connection than our last Hotel, so we finally managed to get the promised Panda pictures online!




another one!


asleep because the upload took so long…


Have you seen this cat?

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